Ribes sanguineum v. glutinosum

Pink-Flowering Currant

This 6 to 10 feet tall shrub is usually found in somewhat shady areas throughout the Coast Ranges although it is tolerant of quite a lot of sun. The light green, rough foliage has a strong scent. The flowers are pink-white and occur in drooping racemes. This is a good shrub for light shade where, with a little water, it will thrive.

The genus Ribes includes both Currants and Gooseberries (Gooseberries have spines). It is represented in California’s native flora by 35 species and 19 botanical varieties; these impressive numbers are well-matched by the genus’ importance and value for wildlife. These plants will suffer if their roots are handled. Do not pry or prune the roots.

Wildlife Value: Hummingbirds and nectar-seeking butterflies frequent the flowers. The fruits have considerable value for songbirds, ground squirrels, and many other animals. The thorny foliage makes especially good nesting and cover areas.