Design Philosophy

Beautiful • Functional • Sustainable

Native Revival creates sustainable landscapes. We use California native plants, which are adapted to our local environment and naturally drought-tolerant and pest-resistant. With native plants, your garden will flourish with little water and less maintenance, while also providing important habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies. Our designs draw from thousands of native plant species to provide you with a beautiful garden that is easy on the eyes as well as the environment.


  • Consultation - Tailored landscape recommendations. $225/hour.
  • Design - Scaled landscape design drawings and detailed plant list.
  • Installation - Sourcing, delivery, site preparation, and planting.

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Just a quick note to say ‘wow’. I’m having a hard time reconciling our new front garden with the old! The transformation is amazing and the plants look great. I can’t wait for them to start to grow. I absolutely love the pot with the agave plant inside. The color and shape is wonderful and certainly makes a statement as you walk up the front path and compliments the house wonderfully. Thank you.
— Pauline O.
Erin, first, let me thank you for taking on and completing this landscaping project for the club. The end result fits well, suits our needs and looks great! And in the years to come will be a treasure to have back there. Your crew did a fine job and I appreciate the care and consideration that they put into it.
— Francis S.
I was looking to buy a Chitalpa tashkentensis ‘Pink Dawn ‘ earlier this year, and I finally found it at your nursery and bought it about mid April. So it’s been in the ground for about 3 months, and look at how beautiful and big it is! Recently flowered, with these elaborate ruffles, so tropical looking for such a desert heritage tree! Thank you!
— Priscilla
It is all just so beautiful. I know that slope was a challenge and the mulch doesn’t want to stick, but it looks terrific! Thank you for everything.
— Susan B.
Baltazar did an amazing job! Everything looks great. I can’t wait for the weather to clear up a bit so I can hang out in the backyard. (I’ve already scheduled our back-to-school BBQ at my place.)
— Caroline W.