Rhamnus californica 'Mound San Bruno'

Mound San Bruno Coffeberry

This is a Coffeeberry selection by Roger Raiche. In contrast to our common Coffeeberry, it forms a broad mound 3 - 5 feet tall and 7 - 9 feet across. Once established, it has dense branching and very dark green leaves. According to Nevin Smith, it should prove to be the best selection yet for large-scale groundcover.

Wildlife value: Songbirds, including the California Bluebird, Mockingbird, Phainopepla, and California Thrasher, relish the fruits and swarm the shrubs when the berries are ripe. Several mammals, including Black Bears and Black-tailed Deer, also eat the berries and browse the foliage. Woodrats occasionally eat the seeds. Rhamnus plants also attract butterflies and beneficial insects.